Have you got the physique, marketability, and ambition to become the next big name in fitness modelling? Fit Factor at BodyPower is the place where aspiring fitness models get spotted. So many of today’s global fitness stars started their journey on the Fit Factor stage…

Compete on the prestigious Fit Factor stage at BodyPower, the worlds original and best fitness expo, and stand in front of the global fitness press, fitness industry leaders, world class athletes, and thousands of spectators.

The show is judged 50% on the physique, 50% on whether the competitor has the 'Fit Factor', so personality, presentation on stage, grooming, attractiveness, and choice of stage wear are all key to success.

You will be judged by some of the best industry experts, carefully chosen for their knowledge and ability to further your career.

Date: 14th May & 15th May 2022

Location – BodyPower Expo UK 2022


  1. Fitness model- Male
  2. Muscle Model- Male
  3. Beach Body - Male
  4. Fitness Model - Female
  5. Beach Body – Female


Participation fee £125 
Fee includes entry to BodyPower Expo for 3days (13th - 15th May 2022) and one category

Additional categories £25

Competition Format

Saturday 14th May 2022 - Qualification Rounds Men

  • Round 1- Men Fitness Model
    • Individual I Walk and Posing, individual live feedback in groups
  • Round 2- Men Muscle model
    • Individual I Walk and Posing, individual live feedback in groups
  • Round 3 – Men Beach Body
    • Small group beach body-specific poses 1 to 4

Sunday 15th May 2022 – Morning qualification rounds Women

  • Round 1- Women Fitness Model
    • Individual, I Walk and individual live feedback in groups
  • Round 2- Women Beach Body
    • Individual, I Walk and individual live feedback in groups

Sunday – Afternoon FINALS men and women

Stage Wear

  1. Women – Bikini designed to show your physique. How much you show is up to you. Heels or trainers may be worn.
  2. Men – Swim trunks are recommended. You should show quads. Thongs / Strings are prohibited. 50% of the buttock area must be covered. Trainers allowed

 Time Table

Participants to check-in between 8-9 am, 14th and 15th of May 2022.

On arrival, you will be given your category time. You must report to the Fit Factor area and be stage ready in good time for your category.

Please Note: Participants are requested to be on time for the smooth running of the competition. If participants are not on time they may be disqualified.

Terms and conditions

  1. It's the participant’s responsibility to be on time. Late participants may be disqualified.
  2. BodyPower has all rights to use the photographs/video graphs of the participants clicked on the stage during fit factor 2022.
  3. You must conduct yourself in a responsible manner all the time at the show.
  4. The judge’s decision will be the final decision.
  5. The organizers have the right to change/cancel the event.
  6. Prizes if refused will be passed on to the next runner-up.
  7. Your individual health and safety remain your responsibility during the show, and you must conduct yourself responsible manner at all times and BodyPower will not be responsible.
  8. Registration fee is non-refundable, except in the case where bodypower cancel the competition
  9. The organizer has all right to cancel any category in case the final number of participants for the same will be less than five, in that case, registered participants from the same category can compete with other category.





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