Welcome to the BodyPower Athlete Auditions.

These new events have been developed to identify athletes who would be suitable to join the BodyPower Nutrition sponsored athlete team, as we are expanding numbers pan India. Anyone from anywhere can attend these sessions, so keep an eye out for one which may be closer to you.

To qualify for sponsorship you would need to be able to demonstrate the following at the BodyPower Athlete Audition event –

*Great physique and looks overall – others should want to look like you. You will be asked to pose in shorts or trucks. (no tanning allowed, no specific poses required, as it's your opportunity to do poses which you believe the best compliment you)

*A positive attitude, good manners and overall approach to life, which should inspire others and make a positive impact on those you come into contact with

*A good general understanding of fitness and nutrition, so that when others ask advice, you are capable of giving accurate and informed responses

*You need to be able to demonstrate good contacts in the industry so that the company can benefit too.

*You should be willing to work hard to make the sponsorship work for both you and the company, and you will need to convince the panel on this.


Our athlete team receive Bodypower clothing and supplements, plus benefit from profile raising and event appearances/involvement. The commission is paid on sales, giving the athlete another income stream.

You will be given feedback at the event should you not be offered a sponsored position, which will guide you to make changes in order to audition again.


Registration to attend the event is FREE


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